Filtering our newsletter into your inbox

Our newsletter is the most important method of communication that we have with our ministry partners. Unfortunately, because we send it to so many people, some email providers automatically sort our messages into other folders, preventing it from reaching your inbox, where you will see it. This means that many, even most, of our ministry partners never even realize that we sent a newsletter! To ensure that you see our updates, you'll want to make sure your email provider isn't sending our newsletter to a spam, junk, or promotions folder. Here are instructions on how to do that for several common email providers.


Look for our most recent newsletter by searching "":

Open the email, and click on the "more" drop-down at the top of the email, and click on "Filter messages like these".

A box will pop up like the one below. Add "" to the "From" box, and delete the long line of letters and numbers in the "Has the words" box. Click "Create a filter with this search", and you're done!




Yahoo! Mail

In Yahoo! Mail, click the gear icon in the upper right corner, then click "Settings". A box will pop up.

Next, in the new box, first click "Filters" partway down the list on the left, then click "Add".

Another box will pop up. First, give the new filter a name, "Funnells Newsletter" is used in this example. Second, enter "" in the box marked 2 below. Finally, click "Done" at the bottom, and you're done!



Other email providers

If you have a question about creating a filter to make our newsletters come to your inbox, get in touch and Ned can help you out.