Help bring the gospel to the people of Utah.


Financial support

monthly partnership

Your partnership provides us the opportunity to serve in Utah as full-time missionaries. Devoting ourselves to making disciples in Sanpete County and supporting Tri-Grace Ministries will require our full work schedule. The spirit-led generosity of friends like you is what will make it possible.


Donations of any size are invaluable to us. We recognize the sacrifice represented by each gift, and take the stewardship of your funds seriously. Click through to make a donation to TriGrace Ministries, and select "Funnell" in the drop-down menu.

networking support

Evangelism training

If you would like to learn more about how to share the gospel with Mormons in your area, we would love to meet with you. Contact us to schedule a 2-hour session with a group of 10-15 friends in your home, or for a large group training at your home church.


Connect us with organizations or individuals that are interested or already participating in Mormon outreach. We are interested in a global vision for evangelism, and would love to become connected with others for more effective ministry.

Prayer support

Commit to pray for us

We are convinced that the most valuable partnership we require is committed prayer partners. Please pray for us whenever you think of Utah, and please let us know that you're praying! You can make yourself aware of our urgent and more sensitive needs is by signing up to receive our newsletter via email. We'd also love to send you a prayer card for you to have as a reminder of us.

visit our blog

Our blog is one of the best ways to find out where we are in the process of moving to Utah, and how you can pray for our daily needs.